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The Crossfit Talon Easter Throwdown will consist of 4 WODs on Saturday April 7th.

WOD 1 Presented By Genesis Pure

“Reliving the Open”

scaled weights are in (  )

50 wall balls
30 situps
20 burpees
10 push press 135/95  (95/65)
5 snatch 135/95 (95/65)

WOD 2 Presented by Life AsRx

10 min to establish 10Rep Max Power Clean followed by 1 thruster

You will perform 10 touch and go power cleans and after the 10th power clean is completed the athlete will perform 1 thruster with the weight. You may rest in the Rack or Hang Position.

Standards to be posted soon.

WOD 3 Presented by ReDefine:Fit

3 rounds for time of:
First round 21                Second Round 15              Third Round 9
15yd prowler push 140/100 (90/50)
OHS 115/80 (95/65)
15yd prowler push 140/100 (90/50)
Box Jumps 24/20

WOD 4 Presented By Max Muscle of Cool Springs

12 Min AMRAP

10 Pullups

20 KBS #53/35

30 Double

CrossFit Talon Easter Throwdown Workout Standards from CrossFit Talon on Vimeo.

31 Responses

  1. Misty Kirk

    I see you guys have turf…maybe there’ll be running….handstand walks….bearcrawls…huh?! Kidding about the bearcrawls! Can’t wait for the 7th!

    1. crossfitkicker

      WODS should be out this week!

  2. Scott

    Is that an AMRAP or 1 round for time?

    1. crossfitkicker

      1 round for time

  3. KJ

    Is the second WOD posted anywhere else?

    1. crossfitkicker

      Releasing it tonight!

  4. Misty Kirk

    Will squat snatches be acceptable?

    1. crossfitkicker

      we are still deciding, will post standards video this weekend

      1. Misty Kirk

        Got it. I worked on them today after a wod to see how I’d do in a state of fatigue. Squat-good/power-fail:( So…if powersnatches are not possible can I switch to scaled the day of competition? I’m going to keep working on them…thanks!

        1. crossfitkicker

          yeah u can always switch

  5. Edward Lee Thompson

    have u posted standard videos yet? I’ve been trying to find…

    1. crossfitkicker

      Standards will be posted sunday

      1. Misty Kirk

        Where should we look for these?

  6. Edward Lee Thompson

    I think u should do a deadlift ladder!!!! 30 seconds at each weight…no limit on attempts…make it happen 🙂

    1. mousclestache

      Lee deadlifts like 600 lbs ….but i like it ,every missed attempt results in bear crawl would be awesome

  7. Stephanie Whiting

    I forgot to put my division / t-shirt size in the comments. How can I do that?

    1. crossfitkicker

      post division and shirt size here

  8. crossfitkicker

    Under the WOD page

  9. Scott Henderson

    So each round consist of a 21-15-9 of the 4 exercises and we repeat this 3 times?

    1. crossfitkicker

      negative, the way it goes is you will prowler down to the OHS- perform 21 prowler back to the box jumps, perform 21 then prowler to the OHS perform 15 …… its 3 rounds but the rounds are 21-15-9

  10. Austin Moncivaez

    Tweaked my back this week and have to bail out, sorry. Is there any way I can get my money back or is it too late?

    1. crossfitkicker

      I refunded your money minus the fee paypal chaged us. Hope you can compete in the next event!

  11. Austin Moncivaez

    Thanks I do too, hopefully I’ll see some of y’all at Regionals!

  12. mousclestache

    wod 4…….muscle ups?……keg stand? ….kettlebel THROW?….sounds like a winner

    1. crossfitkicker

      standards video tonight! watch for it!

  13. Savannah

    Is there going to be a scaled version of WOD 4?

    1. crossfitkicker

      scaled is 90 singles

  14. heather

    Are there any time caps on the WODs?

  15. tiffanykennedyhargis

    what is the lbs on the scaled wall balls?

    1. crossfitkicker

      the same as rx, but we can scale if needed

  16. Gabe Garcia

    Can I do each of these WODS from Maine and send you my scores:) Event looks awesome and I really HATE to miss it. Incredible work to all.

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