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Competitor List

WE ARE FULL! – 100 Athletes!

We are accepting folks for the waiting list. Hit the Signup Page for more info.

** We need additional info for the following athletes **
Andrea Leonard – Women **NEED DIVISION & SHIRT SIZE**

Current Competitor Count
Men RX – 37
Men Scaled – 18
Women RX – 14
Women Scaled – 24
Kids – 6
Uncategorized – 1
Total – 100

Fully Registered Competitors
Henry Fenton – Kids
Hunter Grimes – Kids
Cameron Henderson – Kids
Morgan McCullough – Kids
Austin Ritter – Kids
Harris Smith – Kids

Rob Baker – Men RX
Scott Bean – Men RX
Joseph Billick – Men RX
Matt Blom – Men RX
William Brock – Men RX
Madison Brooks – Men RX
Mike Burkhouse – Men RX
Michael Burnett – Men RX
Brian Carr – Men RX
Lee Cooper – Men RX
Michael Creque – Men RX
Garrett Daniel – Men RX
Kyle Daniel – Men RX
Adam Dawkins – Men RX
Timothy Flanagan – Men RX
Jeff Fuller – Men RX
Jeremy Harkins – Men RX
Peter Hinz – Men RX
Alex Hufstutter – Men RX
James Hurlbert – Men RX
Davidson Jones – Men RX
Matt King – Men RX
Cole Leighton – Men RX
Kevin Loftis – Men RX
Andrew Lopez – Men RX
Kevin Lowe – Men RX
Adam McDaniel – Men RX
Robert Norman – Men RX
Wesley O’Bryan – Men RX
Kris Oliver – Men RX
Chase Patterson – Men RX
M Brennen Scott – Men RX
Jordan Teal – Men RX
Nick Thackerh – Men RX
Bruce Thomas – Men RX
Lee Thompson – Men RX
Jason Tucker – Men RX

Campbell Brooks – Men Scaled
Bryan De Cuir – Men Scaled
Marc Deskin – Men Scaled
Evan Dirube – Men Scaled
Cy Fenton – Men Scaled
Tyler Frost – Men Scaled
Caleb Gregory – Men Scaled
Dee Grimes – Men Scaled
Chris Haynes – Men Scaled
Scott Henderson – Men Scaled
Jamie Jarbeau – Men Scaled
Chris Johnson – Men Scaled
Michael Morgan – Men Scaled
Jeff Ritter – Men Scaled
Jeremy Smith – Men Scaled
Roland Torrez – Men Scaled
Ed Vasquez – Men Scaled
Brandon Weems – Men Scaled

Stacey Baker – Women RX
Heather Bassett – Women RX
Rebecca Brown – Women RX
Emily Griffith – Women RX
Clarissa Lenore Armstrong – Women RX
Chasity Loper – Women RX
Amy Mcbride – Women RX
Crystal McCullough – Women RX
Lissa Michel – Women RX
Jordan Pepe – Women RX
Suzie Pettey – Women RX
Jenna Reilley – Women RX
Laura Warren – Women RX
Jocilyn Yarnell – Women RX

Lori Bean – Women Scaled
Artesha Bishop – Women Scaled
Margaret Boone – Women Scaled
Emma Carter – Women Scaled
Nicole Clevenger – Women Scaled
Rebecca Eshleman – Women Scaled
Kristen Fuller – Women Scaled
Ashley Hale – Women Scaled
Tiffany Hargis – Women Scaled
Angelina Hughes – Women Scaled
Anna Jackson – Women Scaled
Misty Kirk – Women Scaled
Mckenzie Leonard – Women Scaled
Jenny Lutkins – Women Scaled
Amber Morrison – Women Scaled
Chandler Norris – Women Scaled
Misty Ritter – Women Scaled
Megan Roberson – Women Scaled
Candi Rogers – Women Scaled
Savannah Simms – Women Scaled
Katy Smith – Women Scaled
Anna Thomas – Women Scaled
Stephanie Whiting – Women Scaled
Shauna Williams – Women Scaled

34 Responses

  1. Scott

    Is there a Kids Division?

    1. crossfitkicker

      Yes! please reply with the name, age, and shirt size of your kid and its only 15 for kids and you can pay that at the door.

  2. Stacey Baker

    Stacey Baker
    Rx small

    1. crossfitkicker


    2. crossfitkicker

      STACEY what size does rob need?

      1. Stacey Baker


  3. MikeB

    i signed up yesterday but do not see my name on the list
    Michael Burnett

    1. crossfitkicker

      got it down

  4. Shaunna Williams

    Shaunna Williams (Scaled women) Shirt: M

    Unsure if this goes here. Just registered.
    thx! 🙂

  5. Dee Grimes

    Dee Grimes & Hunter Grimes are gonna bring it!

  6. Dee Grimes

    Dee Grimes-large

  7. Savannah

    Unsure if this is where to add this..but, Savannah Simms-size small, scaled division

  8. Laura Warren

    Just registered, Laura Warren, RX women, shirt size- small

  9. Shaunna Williams

    Jamie Jarbeau is in the scaled division.

  10. Alex

    Wesley (Alex) O’Bryan Mens Rx Division Shirt Size Large

  11. jordanpepe

    Hey! Why am I not on the competitor list?

    1. crossfitkicker

      so many entries im working on adding them to a seperate spreadsheet. Ive got you down i promise!

    2. cyfenton

      Gotcha on there now.

  12. Bruce Thomas

    RX Shirts size Large

  13. Bruce Thomas

    Mens RX Large

  14. Shaunna Williams

    Hahahahahaha. Jamie Jarbeau is definitely a dude. Scaled men…


  15. Scott Henderson

    Cameron Henderson Kids Division – Youth Large or Adult Small

  16. Candi Rogers

    I will be in the Women scaled division…I didn’t see where to specify when I paid.

  17. Candi Rogers

    Small shirt

  18. Misty Kirk

    Going to switch to scaled….p-snatch is not happening.

  19. Tiffany Hargis

    Tiffany Hargis
    Women’s Scaled

    (payment made under Kevin Hargis, Confirmation number: 7XH80848U59653355)

  20. Megan Roberson

    I think I may have gotten the last spot but just want to be sure?

    1. crossfitkicker

      You sure did 🙂 What shirt size and Division!!

  21. Megan Roberson

    Lucky me! Large and scaled. Thanks!

  22. Michael Morgan

    Mens Scaled division

  23. Ashley Hale

    Ashley Hale: scaled and large! Thank you!

  24. Jamie jarbeau

    Heyyy it’s Jamie, I’m
    Supposed to be men’s scaled 🙂

  25. Kris Oliver

    Male, Rx, Large

  26. Shaunna Williams

    Hey I’d actually like to switch to RX for women… Sorry if it messes up anything.

    thx! 🙂

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