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We are proud to Announce ROCKTAPE as a sponsor for the Talon Throwdown Presented by Progenex!

Rocktape will be awarding all winners of every division with a roll of ROCKTAPE and a bottle of ROCKSAUCE!


ROCKTAPE is an international company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. With offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, RockTape serves the needs
of over 6,000 medical professionals. RockTape, PowerTaping and RockSauce are used by leading competitive athletes to enhance sports performance and by medical professionals to treat common sports injuries. Contact for more info.

Go stronger, go longer with Rocktape.

Rocktape is an new type of sports tape that is great for treating injuries or enhancing performance. You can use it for running, cycling, swimming and other sports where fatigue can impact performance. Unlike traditional athletic tape, Rocktape stretches just like skin so it won’t interfere with your movement. Rocktape promotes circulation, reduces muscle fatigue and enhances form.

The company has also developed the award-winning Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) series of clinics. FMT uses the Power Taping Protocol, which connects and stimulates sport-specific muscle groups to promote power and endurance.

Rocktape comes in over 30 different styles and designs and is used by professional and amateur athletes around the world.


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